CPS standard modules

Last modified: 05/21/2011 12:50 PM
A short description of optional official CPS extension products.

Standard modules ?

CPS is an extensible framework, made of Zope products, and a set of distributions (called bundles) based on that framework. A CPS module is simply a Zope product meant for CPS extension.

We have three different distributions :

  • CPS-Base : minimal distribution to have a working CPS portal
  • CPS-Full : all products actively maintained
  • CPS-Standard : intermediate between CPS-3-base and CPS-3-full. Contains the most widely used products

Below's the list, without purely technical products


  • CPSBlog : a simple blogging implemetation
  • CPSComment : comment system for documents, based on CPSRelation (also provided on a different basis by CPSForum)
  • CPSDashboards : utilities to control table displays with dedicated layouts. Contains many optimizations depending on backend (searches, including Lucene, for example)
  • CPSExtendedAuth : groundwork for pluggable authentication module, provides more standard authentication than CookieCrumbler, and extensible SSO connectors (Cleartrust included)
  • CPSFileMailer : allows to send temporary links to File documents per email to non-registered people
  • CPSForum : forum and comment system
  • CPSSharedCalendar : shared calendaring application
  • CPSRelation : RDF-style relations with different kinds of backends, including RDF
  • CPSRSS: to display external RSS feeds within a CPS portal
  • CPSSubscriptions: send notification emails to users, finely user-level tunable
  • CPSTramline: powerful request interceptor allowing to store binary content outside of Zope and serve it directly by Apache reverse-proxy. Unix-based operating systems only.
  • CPSTypeMaker: user interface to create new CPS document types
  • CPSWiki : simple wiki application


  • CPSApacheProxyBalancer: provides stickiness (important for sessions and cache efficiency) for Apache mod_proxy_balancer load balancing system
  • CPSBayses : statistical analysis tools, meant for CPSCourrier
  • CPSChat : chatting capability among members of a CPS portal (now very old)
  • CPSCourrier : full enterprise mail tracking tool, with email and paper options, relies on CPSDashboards, CPSRelations, CPSUid
  • CPSLDAPSetup : sample setups to hook member and/or groups to a LDAP server
  • CPSOOo : special document for OpenOffice.org storage and conversion to DocBook
  • CPSCollector : provides user editable form documents, to be submitted by simple readers. To be soon replaced by CPSUserForms
  • CPSUid : counters management
  • CPSRemoteController : xmlrpc APIs for CPS, and client within CPS for replication capabilities.

Legacy modules

There are some older CPS products that aren't maintained any more, but may still be necessary at least to migrate an older portal.

Check out the list directly on the source repository.

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