CPS 3.5.2 released

Last modified: 02/13/2011 02:32 PM
Release information

We are glad to announce that CPS 3.5.2 has been released. As usual we are shipping CPS in three distributions (full, standard & base) and this time in two formats, TAR GZ archives and Debian and Ubuntu packages. Download instructions are detailed on the dedicated page at

This release is much more feature-oriented than the two previous ones and lays down ground work for modernisation of the framework.There are so many deep changes in this issue that the mere number of 69 closed tickets does not really reflect reality. Still, see the short introduction below. You can also access the full list of changes for this release on the issue tracker of the project.

The issue tracker is open to registration. So, don't hesitate to report problems, point out interesting evolutions, etc. and check the roadmap for the next releases.

Thanks to the clients and contributors that made it happen!

What's new in CPS 3.5.2 ?

After the heavy liftings of CPS 3.5.1 (unicodification), the 3.5.2 version fixes lots of shortcomings that had been also waiting for a very long time.

  • The major design flaw of flexible documents is a thing of the past.
  • The image upload and display system has been entirely rewritten and now works with on-the-fly resizing. Image Galleries are the first to take obvious advantage of this. Overall, the new system is much more flexible for custom projects.
  • We now have an efficient bulk upload system. Coupled with CPSTramline, it is a killer feature.
  • The upgrade step machinery is more powerful and robust, as are many steps, notably those related to the unicode migration
  • Better usability, time-saving options for developers‚Ķ

Of course, there's much more, and all the new features are meant to be more cutomizable than ever.  Under the scenes, there's been an awful lot of code cleaning and strenghtening.

Also, but not directly related to the release itself, this autumn and early winter, several CPS community toolshave been launched : the present community site, a documentation site, a CPS-only apt repository for Debian-based distributions. This is still work in progress, stay tuned !

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