CPS-3.5.4 released

Last modified: 11/29/2011 10:24 PM

We are glad to announce the release of CPS 3.5.4. Many thanks to the people that contributed to it.

As usual, the source distribution comes in three flavors : Base, Standard and Full.

Please check the download / install page. We tend to privilege the Debian and Ubuntu packages for quick tests.

The first stable maintainance version in 3.5 series

Although it has had very little public exposure, 3.5.3 was the first version in the 3.5 series to reach stable status, and has been immediately followed by the creation of the 3.5 branches, to allow parallel development of the future 3.6 series.

The 3.4 series are now officially deprecated, meaning that there won't be public support for it anymore (private commercial support by the main CPS actors is of course a different story).

This release is the first to be taken out of the 3.5 branches. We experimented a new ticket management process, in which the bulk of old tickets are kept further in the future, to keep the list of issues of the current milestone relatively short and reduce the pre-release sorting work. As we hoped, this allowed us to shorten the release cycle. There's been two months since the 3.5.3 release. In theory, we could tag a new version at any point in time, now.

Main changes since 3.5.2

The detailed changelog of the "full" distribution since CPS 3.5.2 is attached below. Here's a summary:

  • New default theme, a fully native CPSDesignerThemes implementation. This means in particular lighter markup, and gives a good example to build on.
  • Zope 2.10 support. In the 3.5 series, both Zope 2.9 and 2.10 will be supported.
  • Many stability and performance improvements on the new features brought in 3.5.2 and earlier versions, notably for usages with concurrent access and ZEO cluster setups (conflict reducing)
  • Better upgrade steps
11/29/2011 11:30 PM
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